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ST4000 is a spreading unit equipped with the most advanced technical solutions adopted by B.K.R. Italia. 
It can be equipped with an on-board loader as well as an external loader to load from the ground.
An axis control is integrated in the movement system as well as in the spreading one, this guarantees a precise movement  and a tension-free spreading.
A digital meter-counter allows an immediate verification of the amount of spreaded fabric to always keep under control the consumptions.

Management Software

In its standard version, the ST4000 comes with a built-in memory program, so the desired spreading lenght can be entered trough a very easy interface or can be acquired by a self-learning procedure.
Last but not least, a special program is available to help with lay planning by colours and sizes, in this case, the machine can be connected to a personal computer to receive the spreading data from an external source.
A remote computer can be used to transmit dato to different machines so that a single person can control all the spreading lines.


Thanks to a load capability of 200 Kg and to the variable geometry cradle, the ST4000 is suitable to spread any kind of fabric and similar materials.

Spreading Methods And Options:

Accoppiato Open Fold Stepped Spreading Tear and Cut Zig Zag Zig Zag with Cut

Technical Specifications:


Fabric feeding:




Max. power absorbed:

3,5 Kw

Max. speed of spread:

100 m/min


Chqain / four wheels


230 V / 400 V 3Ph+N

Height of spread:


18 cm / 30 cm (On Request)

Ripping device:

14 cm / 28 cm (On Request)


18 cm / 30 cm (On Request)

Universal Cut:

14 cm / 28 cm (On Request)


16 cm / 26 cm (On Request)

Roll max. diameter:

With cradle:

60 cm

Roll max. weight:

With cradle:

150 Kg

Machine weight:





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