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The model S1000 "Senior" is an unit conceived to obtain the greatest operating versatility. Thanks to technical solutions studied for this model, it is possible to spread with or without roll-holder bar using a double feeding system.

The control of the fabric tension is made without mechanical devices allowing an excellent spreading performance without the aid of clamps.

Automatic Threading

The combination of the adjustable prefeed device on the cradle and the positive drive, with the automated air-blower ramp, completely automates the threading process (available for machines up to 86" working widht maximum).
The fabric can be automatically rewound at high speed in the cradle from either the cutting attachment of the folding blades.

Spreading Program

A programmable operating system is available. In this case the machine is equipped with a micro-processor that can be connected to a personal PC, so that  it can receive spreading imput data, which can be displayed on the screen or on the machine.
The program consists of:

  • Reference for each size
  • Its length
  • Color reference
  • Number of pieces by size and by color

Using this information, The Senior Plus spreads without catchers, starting automatically from any point on the table. A traditional step-laying program is also available.

Spreading Methods And Options:

Open Fold Stepped Spreading Tear and Cut Zig Zag Zig Zag with Cut

Technical Specifications:


Fabric feeding:




Max. power absorbed:

3,5 Kw / 5 Kw(Double alim.)

Max. speed of spread:

100 m/min


Chain / 4 wheel drive


400V 3ph+N

Height of spread:


18 cm / 30 cm (On request)

Ripping device:

14 cm / 28 cm (On request)

Universal Cut:

14 cm / 28 cm (On request)


16 cm / 30 cm (On request)

Roll max. diameter:

With cradle:

50 cm

With roll-holder bar:

60 cm / 100 cm (On Request)

Roll max. weight:

With cradle:

50 Kg

With roll-holder bar:

80 Kg / 250 Kg (On request)

Machine weight:





Latest Images:

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