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Cutting Machines:


From the large and consolidated experience as manufacturers of spreading machines and cutting room solutions, for fabric cut B.K.R. Italia proposes, the brand new BCUT cutting machine series.

BCUT is realized in order to answer customer's requests of the apparel industry, in constant and rapid evolution.

BCUT are conceived with last generation electronic technologies for supply services and productive reliability.

BCUT is a complete series of machines, fixed (F series), or conveyorized (C series) to cut in rapid and precise manner the single ply as well as a fabric mattress.

The fixed bench machines are purposed for small and for special high quality productions. The conveyorized ones, enabled to interact with other spreading machines, due to their large versatility are indicated for small, medium and large productions.

BCUT, machines to cut swiftly and with superior quality.

Machines can be configured according to the customer requirements:

  • BCUT 3: To cut until 3 cm (compressed)
  • BCUT 6: To cut until 6 cm (compressed)

Spreading Methods And Options:

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Technical Specifications:

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